Perfecting Your Home According to Pinterest Standards in Some of these 30 Ways

It is possible to make all your friends envious just by how you will manage to transform your home. The picture perfect home can be achieved by applying the following 31 designer tricks that are a clever use of faux panels.

Gold is the way to Go

Glistening gold has changed the world of home decoration and is fast replacing nickel and platinized bronze. It is the center stage of home decoration as it is used or lighting fixtures and furniture. What’s more, this revolutionizing change has had significant impact in every area of the world and can help make any home attractive and all it needs is a few touches.

Adopt Taxidermy

You can achieve a woodsy lodge style by simply using mounted trophies to any space in your home. However, not many people are of the idea of mounting one’s achievement in their houses. As such, the decorative idea of playfully mounting silhouette that has been cut from an antique lumber is the way to go. It will not only add to the stylish touch but it will also help improve your house’s look.

Make Weathered Wood work to your advantage

If there is something about reclaimed walls is the fact that they are always hot and trendy. If you want them to work in a different way then they also can give you the cool appearance that you are looking for. This is a fact that was proven by one designer after he turned small bedroom into a cool haven by using silvery gray boards with a few installations of herringbone patterns, which served as the dreamy backdrop with the faux panels.

Take care of your bookshelf by brushing it up

It is the in thing to post pics of the latest brushed up bookshelves. You can create an interesting bookshelf by simply layering more colors and patterns with an apartment of books and magazine placing in your favorites. You can also work on improving and elevating your bookshelf by simply customizing the shelves and having them built in.

Use signs

Vintage looking signs can help transform a space whether it is a do it yourself replica or if it is a real antique piece. You can easily bring in character to your space by working around your creativity edge. You can start locating pieces in different places starting with your local thrift shop and other auctions that may offer legitimate sales. You may be surprised that you will find a piece that comes with a guide to help you fix it all together and create look to die for.

Revolutionize the mason jars

It is without argument that mason jars make some of the best storage spaces ever. You can turn these into a space that will help you save up more space. They can be used to store dried up goods. The lid can be crewed to the jar to give it the classy look. You can explore for more tricks on how to work around these jars to achieve the desired look.

Use chalk to make the difference

The chalk paints have been popular for a while now and are not about to exit the decorative world. In fact, it is one of the most budget friendly technique used to decorate homes today. In fact, it is a simple way to create an extraordinary appearance. You should try it.


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